Coffee Creamer Wars: Sweet Buttercream Vs. Sweet Italian Cream


 Lately I have become  more adventurous in trying assorted flavours of coffee creamers (Either that, or I have too much time on my hands). Considering I’m a foodie who appreciates variety, I thought the challenge of being open to the arms of non dairy flavoured cream would be fun.  So far, I have enjoyed my coffee tasting richer and more exotic. Sadly, I have come up disappointed on a few occasions, but hey, maybe I expect too much to begin with.  Firstly, there are the two main companies I will be referring to: International Delights and Coffee-Mate. Both have strong flavours and much variety thus both appearing to be winners at slight.

With all the brouhaha over coffee these days, it’s no wonder companies are trying to capitalize on consumers need for variety.  Luckily for you, consumer, you can have fun trying all the different flavors to give your coffee a facelift.  If you shop at any main grocery store, like Wal-mart or Publix, you will see a huge assortment of coffee creamer flavors from these two main brands. Both reasonably priced, both different in flavor.

 Now, according to my taste buds I would prefer International Delights coffee creamers. They offer a more naturally flavored variety. Take their French Vanilla for example the creamy, smooth strongly vanilla flavor in soaked in richness and topped off with a beautiful aroma.  If I were to compare it to Coffee Mate’s French Vanilla, I would get a similar scent experience, with a slightly more artificial vanilla quality.

 The above photos shows two distinct products by both companies. Though I’d generally prefer Int. Delights to Coffee Mate, I will make an exception in these two flavours. The Sweet Buttercream is one to try as the scent is a dead on duplication of buttercream. A plus is that is not too sweet and even has a sweetened cream cheese undertone.  My favourite would be however, the Sweet Italian Cream. This lovely flavour is delicate yet bold in a sweetened vanilla taste that is surprisingly unartificial. It does justice to the brand, almost contradicting its normal artificial concept. This is also very versatile, as it can enhance any flavour you add it to, be it original coffee, or flavored coffee. It is also heavenly in tea. As for the sweet buttercream, I cannot say the same, though it is good in its own right. (Remember, I am comparing the 2 so results are based on the other’s flavor and not their own.)

Sweet Buttercream Yumfactor: 3 out of 5 tongues and a taste bud.

Sweet Italian Cream Yumfactor: 4 out of 5 tongues and a taste bud.

7 thoughts on “Coffee Creamer Wars: Sweet Buttercream Vs. Sweet Italian Cream

  1. I have to agree with these two comparisons… I tried the Sweet Buttercream… and would try and stock up on it so I had plenty on hand… then they discontinued it…. Now NOTHING compares to it and I have been constantly disappointed with everything else. When will they bring my Sweet Buttercream back… or where can I get it….

    • Hello! Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the long approval and response, as I just got back into my account today 🙂 Sadly, I am unsure on its the Sweet Buttercream availability. I checked International Delights’ website, and it is listed as a Seasonal (Usually springtime) Limited Addition Item. I would say to check your local grocery store around this time as the item may be available. Also, I would recommend checking their website regularly to see if it is featured a a limited edition product. I hope this helps!!

  2. Sweet Buttercream has been completely discontinued. 😦 MAJOR bummer! I like both it and the Italian Cream, so now I guess I’ll have to just get the Coffee Mate.

    • Hello and thank you for your comment! I went to their site to see the availability for the sweet cream flavor, and it was a Spring/Summer Seasonal Item for that year. Hopefully, if they are aware of it’s popularity, they will bring it back next year! I’m hoping for that. Have a great day! 🙂

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