Mio Water Enhancer:Because regular water just isn’t fun anymore.

MiO Peach Tea.

Mio has released commercials of tiny silver bottles that add flavor and color to your water. I purchased this item at Target about 2 weeks ago, and was happy that I could practice a healthy lifestyle, while making my water less boring. Yes, I went there. We all know that water is incredible for health, but let’s be real- it doesn’t always taste fun, and I’m a fun kinda girl! XD So this product was ideal! A little info about my water drinking history- I’d only drink it if I was parched, averaging at about 3 glasses/day. The sad thing was, I was totally okay with that.


I had previously contemplated buying a fruit infuser for water to add a natural fruit taste to my water, but was concerned that the result would be watered down madness. So, seeing that I can buy a silver bullet looking product that can really pimp your water was cool. I paid about $3. 10-ish for 24 servings/ squeezes of water. Not bad. You can squeeze 1 stream into your water bottle, which yields a water down, bitter taste, or 4 for a more intense flavor- which may result in a Kool-Aid like flavor influsion.

Berry Pom.

I bought the “Mango Peach” flavor, excited that I could use this to increase my water intake, and pose as a healthy option for beverage drinking sexiness. So how healthy is this?

Nurtition Facts are as follows:

Og of: Fat, Calories, Sodium, Protein, Sugar, Sat./Trans Fat,and Carbs Not bad at all, however, let’s look at the ingredients, shall we? Water, blah, blah,blah, citric acid, blah, Ah! Sucralose and Acesulfame? So there is a small amount of sugar in the content, which is fine, but the only problem is not knowing how much sugar is in it. I have seen some other water enhancers that do not have any sugar at all, but obviously the taste will be compromised. Again, I still think 3 squirts of these in a bottle of water is much healthier than concentrated juice, or the dreaded soda. Yikes! High Fructose Corn Syrup! :O Def. is a must try, but hey if you like your water the classic, watery style, then it’s all good.


Cool! It's Like A Rainbow! (Even though it's missing really important colors)

Other Uber cool flavors: Strawberry Watermelon, PEach Tea, Berry Pomegranate, Fruit Punch, and Sweet Tea. I like this stuff, and plan of buying more, because I’m too cool for regular water8). Except for Fiji. That stuff is awesome.

MiO Water Enhancer Yumfactor- 5 tongues. (5/5) Cheap, fun, and exotic, you can be encouraged to drink more water with these. But of course, you can do what I do, and alternate between the party in a cup (MiO), to the party pooper in a cup (regular water). There are color additives, so that may turn some people off.

Thanks to all the voters of my last poll!  I really appreciate your input and participation.





5 thoughts on “Mio Water Enhancer:Because regular water just isn’t fun anymore.

  1. I think that the inclusion of Sucralose was as big of a turn-off to me as the HFHC…did you know that sucralose (Splenda) was originally formulated to be an insecticide?! Because of a mis-communication, the product was tasted (instead of tested) and found to be sweet. Thanks, but I’ll pass on ingesting the bug killer!

  2. I have never been a water drinker, never! I would only drink soda’s and not diet soda’s. I tried to drink diet sodas but everytime I did it gave me a terrible headache and I just couldn’t get used to the taste. I knew I just had to drink more water. I saw a commercial on tv about Mio and I thought it seemed preety cool and wanted to try it. I was still skeptical because I have never found water additives I have liked. I’ve never liked Crystal Light, I never even liked propel water. I couldn’t stand drinking plain water because I craved the sweet taste. I finally bought Mio and I love it!!! I am excited because now I like to drink water because of it.

    • Hi Amber! Thanks for your comment! This product has absolutely made me a water lover! It’s also fun because it’s cheat, and offers a lot of variety with their flavors. I was watching QVC and they were selling a fruit infused water pitcher that flavors water, with the same intent of adding fun to water. I wondered if the water would taste like watered down rubbish because of the lack of sugar, which I’m inclined to think it may. This idea of fruit flavored water made me look for alternatives, and I happened to find this at Target, and I don’t have to sacrifice taste. I love that it is lighter in flavor than crystal light as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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