International Delights Cinnabon Coffee Creamer Review

{UPDATE/ Possiblly TMI}-Hi everyone! I apologize for a slight delay in my postings! Here I return with *another* coffee creamer review! I promise I’ll switch it up nest time. I’m actually contemplating including another copycat recipe, and then a produce review (of a non coffee product) and a health tip.


Int’l Delights Cinnabon Creamer Yumfactor- 2.5 tongues (3 out of 5 stars) (Coupon link below.)

In their inclusion of new  flavors such as Chai Latte, and their Coffee House varieties, International Delights decided to ante up the fun by including 2 new limited edition creamers:Almond Joy (in which I have reviewed ina previous post: please click link below to read) and Cinnabon Creamer. As a fan of variety and all things new, I decided to give both a shot. I’ll have to start by saying that I’d prefer the Almond Joy to the Cinnabon, but there’s more.

Yummy Cinnabonness, slathered in oooey-gooey nomnom.

The flavor description promises to include spicy cinnamon and tangy-sweet cream cheese, which are both highly detected in the tastebuds upon sipping.  Int’l Delights does a good job to replicating the cinnamon bun taste, as I have previously tasted Coffee Mate’s Cinnamon Bun creamer(which only tasted like cinnamon. No icing was detected.) Inl’t delights has done a great job in being detail oriented in terms of taste, considering that their audience would actually want a creamer that tasted authentically cinnaboney.

Although I liked their replication of the bun, I wouldn’t buy it again, because the inclusion of a cream cheese undertone in my coffee is just plain weird. I even considered that it would be when I was considering purchasing it, but I figured the cream cheese icing flavor would be obsolete. It’s not extremely strong, but the flavor does make its presence known. Probably a better Fall/Winter Creamer versus a summer flavor the warm cinnamon tastes like Autumn on my tongue, but it’s summer,so my mouth gets a little confused.You may, however,enjoy this flavor yourself, but my tastebuds, have moved on. One thing that I think makes it taste better is adding a teaspoon on French Vanilla/Sweet Italian Cream Coffee Creamer to tone down the cheesiness. You may like this if you have more than 1 creamer in your fridge at a time. 🙂 I have included a link for a printable coupon below. Hope it works!

Pros- Authentic Cinnabon taste, cream cheese and all. Spicy cinnamon goodness as opposed to your traditional sweet creamers. New!

Cons- Cream Cheese in my coffee is kind of awkward. *Better with the addition of a teaspoon of any Vanilla based creamer.

Where’d I buy this? Wal-Mart. I believe it was about $1.58-ish? There is a coupon on their website on the left bottom part of the screen. They will ask you to log in/register (lame) but if you have a facebook profile, you can use that.

Coupon Link:

Almond Joy Creamer Review:…)

3 thoughts on “International Delights Cinnabon Coffee Creamer Review

  1. I tried the International Delights Cinnabon coffee creamer for the first time at Christmas 2011 and unfortunately have not had anything like a pleasant reaction. I became nauseated by the scent of the artificial flavoring which provides the underlying cream cheese “note”. When stirred into very hot coffee here at my office, the chemicals volatilized – if I can use that as a description – and left an odd, almost-industrial odor wafting around my desk. I kept sniffing anxiously to find the source of the smell, thinking it was coming out of the office ventilation ducts, until I realized it was emanating from my coffee mug! Ugh. I’ll dump the rest of it. 😦
    Also tried the Almond Joy version you’ve reviewed, which left a strong artificial coconut aftertaste but not as nasty as the ID Cinnabon creamer. These are truly the first “icky” creamers I’ve encountered (typically I’ve used vanilla or hazelnut). I believe it may have failed because they attempted to capture too complex of a flavor combination.

    Thanks for providing a review and a place to leave a comment. The scent (and residual flavor) was so off-putting that I searched online to see if others had experienced anything similar with this product. I would vehemently NOT recommend this!

    • Hi Sherry! Thanks for your comment and reading this post. I completely agree with your Cinnabon review, and you gave quite a strong, detailed review on both creamers! It’s always great to have a variety or feed back because everyone has their own unique way of tasting things. Thanks again, and I hope you check out more blogs to come! Feel free to come back and post more reactions to what you have tried if it’s in accordance with the featured blog post. Thanks!

  2. the cinnabun creamer was good till the creamcheese was added now i gotta go back to coffee mate cinnamon vanilla cream not my favorite but better than cream cheese in my coffee

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