Wendy’s Has Sweet Potato Fries!!!

I did a post (–> https://thetalkingspoon.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/must-try-food-sweet-potato-fries-with-a-surprise-tip/<– post) on the differences between sweet potato fries and regular ones, and it’s not a secret that I prefer sweet potato. Healthier, and in my opinion, tastier, whenever I see them I squeal. Loudly. Wendy’s has recently released their sweet potato fries with a “vanilla brown sugar” sauce, which gives people watching their carb intake a healthier option on fry consumption (the fries NOT the sauce :D) Sweet potato fries are healthier, lower in calories and better for glucose levels compared to white potato fries.)

Half eaten. You get about 15-20, which is a not the best deal for $1.99. The sauce looks better in real life.

I ordered them and they taste quite good. A little more crunchy than the ones I bought (because they are fried NOT baked) these fries didn’t disappoint. I recommend trying them, but if you dislike the fried, you can buy frozen ones to bake. You get about 15-20 fries for$1.99. Not cheap, but cheaper than $.99, which I think should have been the price of these. The reason I am not going into further detail on sweet potato fries and their taste is because I previously covered this in more detail. Please click on the link provided above.

Wendy’s Sweet Potato Yumfactor- 4 tongues (4 out of 5 stars). You really can’t go wrong with sweet potato fries.

Now let’s talk about the sauce. Two words. Epic Fail, and because I am feeling generous, I’ll include another 2. Diabetic coma. Why are these so sweet? It sounded like it was going to be good; smooth, creamy vanilla with the buttery undertone of brown sugar. It tasted like cinnamon. Yes, cinnamon. Where was this spiciness coming from? It’s mild, but it is NOT what I was expecting. It doesn’t compliment the sweetness, and usually when I have sweet potato fries, it’s not served as a dessert. I was better off without this overly sweet, cinnamon and butter creamy concoction, and even wished they released a Chili sauce to play off the sweetens of the sweet potato. Bleh. I recommend NOT eating these fries with anything else unless it’s a dessert item. And even then, you may find yourself lunging for water or cinnamon tea (known to lower blood sugar levels) to flush the ridiculous sweetness from out of your body. Diabetic comas aren’t fun. I give this sauce alone 1 tongue and a tastebud (1.5 out of 5). It sounds sleek and sexy, and even looks appetizing. The color compliments the orange, but other than that, they have NO business together and furthermore, this sauce has no business being made for any kind of consumption.

11 thoughts on “Wendy’s Has Sweet Potato Fries!!!

  1. How can sweet potatoe frie be any better still deep fried with salt. People with bloodpressure problems and can not handle deep fried like me cannot eat this.

    • Hmm., maybe I didn’t make myself clear.I never said it was healthy for people with high blood pressure (it is junk food after all,but they are healthier compared to regular fries.), just saying I like them! I honestly feel that if you have certain health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, then you should make it a responsibility to not indulge in certain foods, and *salted* fries are no exception (you can request sodium free fries there, but I’m not sure if is for the sweet potato ones also).This is not a blog that is specifically for people with high blood pressure and diabetes. It’s just a food review blog. I do not have high blood pressure issues, and can only review food based on that. I cannot include everyone who has every health condition in my thoughts when I do these reviews. You may want to look for a food blog that caters to people with high blood pressure as it may be of more use to you. There are also recipes on how to make sweet potato fries, and I’m sure you can reduce on the sodium content. That may be an option for you.Thank you for reading.

  2. I did’nt know they were offering sweet potato fries. I got a flyer in the mail yesterday offering a free “new” item with the purchase of a large sandwich. The three “new” items on the flyer are: Mac & cheese, chili cheese fries(made with their regular russett potatoes) and a baked sweet potato (not sweet potato fries) and the BAKED sweet potato comes with buttery cinnamon spread. Just thought I’d post this.

    • Hi Mary and thanks for the post. Mac and cheese, huh? Wow I had no idea that was being offered. I haven’t heard about the chili cheese fries, either, but sometimes some items are not offered nationwide. The baked sweet potato sounds blissful! I’m excited and hopefully can get this item to review it in the future! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

  3. I am going to try these, minus the sauce. I love sweet potato fries, and in my city, most places serve them with ranch or chipotle ranch to dip them in………..YUM! The saltiness of the ranch is amazing on the sweet fries. I will get them at Wendys, and ask for ranch for the dip.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment! The next time I go there, I’ve got to try a ranch sauce. I can imagine the sweetness and savory flavors really playing off of each other! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. I bought some of the sweet potato fries in Bremen, Ga. at Wendy’s and they were delicious! I wish they would start bsck selling them at all Wendy’s.

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