Blog Goals: What I’m Thinking and Where I’m Headed…

Hi all. I am thinking of adding a few new features to my blog to keep interesting. Take a look at what I have in mind:

Local Eats: I have moved out of state a few months ago and am thinking of reviewing local restaurants, their dishes, and the ambiance to provide a fresh appeal to this site. I will include pictures of course, and menus as I am trying to capture some prices to share.

Traveling Tastebuds: This will feature a foreign item that I will review. For example, if I indulge in Pani Puri, a popular Indian dish, I will provide information on what the item is, and its popularity. Also, information on where to buy it, and/or a recipe may also be provided.

Power Chews: (I may fix the name later, bu I kinda like it) This will feature a healthy vegetable (including soy), vitamin or fruit and how it can be applied in regular cooking. I will research and provide a brief summary on its components, and either use a real recipe I have tried, or provide a link for the audience.

So far, this is it. What do you all think about these ideas?

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