Blue Bird Bake Shop: A Mouthful of Whimsy

Taken by Shinai

A delicious strawberry cupcake with vanilla iced coffee.

Blue Bird Bake Shop has some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had in the Winter Park area–even in the Orlando area. Nestled on Corinne Drive in a quaint plaza featuring unique food, antiques and local small businesses, the Blue Bird Bake Shop offers exquisite cupcakes  in a retro styled store front. Established in 2008, this little gem features traditional cupcake flavors like: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and tuxedo. Blue Bird also offers more interesting flavors like: apricot ginger, chai tea, chocolate peanut butter, pumpkin, rum raisin, chocolate chambord, and vanilla black pepper.

These little cakes are moist, packed full of flavor, and topped with the lightest, most flavorful icing; a perfect balance of sweetness without excess. The strawberry cupcake is a mellow, yet juicy mouthful of natural strawberry mixed in a moist cake, with a dollop of sweet buttercream. The summery vanilla  grapefruit packs a punch of tangy grapefruit balanced by a smooth vanilla, creating a taste similar to a dreamcicle (orange and vanilla, which is also sold at this bakery) with a slight notch of tanginess. Mouthwatering and delicate creaminess.  The chocolate raspberry is a sinful bite of rich, dark chocolate that partakes in a forbidden tango with the sharp, yet sweet raspberry. Bittersweet intoxication.  Also available are sodas, cookies and coffee–both iced and hot.  Priced at $2.75, the Blue Bird Bake Shop’s cupcakes have been called the best in Orlando.  Check out the website here.

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday-Saturday: (7am- 5pm)

Sunday: (10am-4pm)

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