A Gulp of Gold: Guayusa Tea

Guayusa tea, a full-bodied, mellow, yet rounded tea from the Amazon rain forest is a great coffee alternative. Cousin to the popular tea, Yerba Mate, guayusa contains a host of health benefits that can boost your mood, or strengthen your stamina. So, what’s the big deal? An 8 ounce cup of tea contains about the same caffeine content of a cup of coffee. Compared to some teas, guayusa is not bitter as it steeps in a cup of boiling water. Its smooth flavor can make for many cups from on tea bag, and also goes great with lemon.

I sampled guayusa tea from Sacred Tea entrepreneur Luis Olguin (interview coming soon), whose company is devoted to allowing the world experience the healing benefits of guayusa. I tried guayusa  to kick the post-two-thirty-slump to the curb; I drank a cup sweetened with honey. What I discovered–aside from the woody scented steam from the tea–was a drink that gave me sharper mental focus to carry out my work until the end of the day without crashing. I had a slow surge of energy without the crash from coffee, I had the same attributes of caffeine without the irritability hyperness and the jitters. Olguin states that this tea, shared as a communal tea among an indigenous tribe in the Amazon rain forest, is known to have many health benefits: three times the antioxidants in green tea, balances the blood sugar, increases stamina and blood flow, and enhances relaxation. Olguin also practices fair trade by giving the people of the indigenous tribe fair wages, and packages guayusa in sustainable, recycled material. Try it cold for an icy refresher, or brew guayusa in an espresso maker for a stronger flair.


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