Local Orlando Eats: Tibby’s and the Chicken Waffle

ImageTibby’s New Orleans Kitchen features a unique and flavorful trending dish to their menu—chicken and waffles. For $13, customers can appreciate the new chicken and waffles sandwich, paired with sweet potato fries. The new menu  features half of a powdered Belgian waffle topping fried chicken and bacon. Although this is not the healthiest of dinner choices, the combination of the savory spiced chicken and the sweet, airy waffles makes for a classic food favorite.  The side feature of brandy butter syrup pairs well with this dish.

Tibby’s Chicken and Waffles Yumfactor: 4 tongues (4 out of 5 stars). The waffles are pillowey, piled on tender, all-white meat chicken and bacon. The powdered sugar wasn’t needed. I personally would have liked a bit of kick, say cayenne in the chicken to balance the sweetness of the waffles and to par with the sauce.  Tip: Try it with hot sauce for extra kick.

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