Ihop’s Cupcake Pancakes ūüėć


If you haven’t tried Ihop’s limited time cupcake pancakes, you’re missing out. Inspired by bakery-themed sweets, this item is part of a trio of treats, including a cinnamon swirl brioche French toast and red velvet crepes. I have yet to try the other two, but the cupcake pancake features a cake-flavored batter, sprinkles and a sprinkled frosting, that is surprisingly appropriately sweet for both children and adults.

I highly recommend the combo featuring eggs, bacon and sausage (in my case, turkey bacon and sausage) with the red potato hash versus the hash browns. These are cubed potatoes with onions and peppers. Translation, a party on a plate.

Cupcake Pancake Yumfactor: 4 tongues. Addicting and fun.

Red Potato Hash Yumfactor: 4 tongues and a taste bud. A great alternative if you’re not into hash browns like me.

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Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish Grahams:Because Sprinkles Always =Cupcakes (Even if you can’t taste it)

See the sprinkles on the little fishies?

Cute little gold fishes are always a great snack, and stepped out of their signature cheese varieties into the land of graham. Strolling down the aisles, you may now see goldfishes in s’mores flavors, graham, and even vanilla cupcake. The reason why I got this is not just because it’s new, but because it’s cupcakey! Aww, Pepperidge Farms knows how to be cute!!!

I expected this to not taste that much like a vanilla cupcake considering it has a graham cracker base. ¬†Upon opening the bag, you’ll notice that there are sprinkles on your goldfish¬†grahams¬†to imply that is it indeed a cupcake. (Nothing spells a cupcake like sprinkles, and don’t you forget it :)) With the first bite, I was only able to taste a¬†graham¬†cracker and maybe a bit more butter? Then when the crackers were 75% dissolved into soggy crumbles, I swore I was able to taste a drop of vanilla. As far as the cupcake flavor itself is concerned, the sprinkles were the only thing to remind me of a cupcake. (Even the little vanilla cupcake they have on their packaging

Nothing says cupcake like sprinkles, however, it doesn't equal cupcake flavor, P.Farms

has¬†sprinkley¬†goodness on it) So basically, I’d have to say these snacks are pretty good, and do slightly deviate from the¬†usual¬†graham cracker flavor, (and by this, I mean a little more vanillaey than the typical graham cracker flavor)but I can’t guarantee everyone will taste it. Give them a try, and let me know what you think!

Pros– Overall yummy, and made with whole grain! Yes!! *Doing the bent elbow, up and down yes gesture*. Cute sprinkles. Goldfish that aren’t cheese flavored=variety. A slight vanilla aftertaste,(more vanilla than cupcake) but only when the graham is a¬†liquefied¬†puddle of sogginess.

Cons– No cupcakeness aside the visual aspect of the sprinkles. *Crosses arms and pouts*

Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish Grahams Yumfactor: 3 tongues and a taste bud (3.5 out of 5 stars) Because they are good, even though they don’t taste like a cupcake.

Magic Shell “Cupcake” Review


Cupcake Magic Shell With Vanilla Ice Cream

*Disclaimer: I love the vanilla flavor and when I refer to it being boring, that is a mockery of the whole “vanilla is boring” rubbish you hear some people say.¬†

Smuckers¬†has released a line of Magic Shell ice cream (hard shell syrup) condiments for ice cream¬†in¬†a wide array of flavors ranging from chocolate to¬†s’mores, cherry to reece’s peanut butter chocolate¬†and newly, cupcake.¬†¬†Gasps!¬†(both in excitement but later for air¬†when I tried it,) Since I¬†love cupcakes for their cute factor¬†and their deliciousness¬†along with their ability to make me feel young again, I had to give this a try.¬† Mind you, I had read reviews of the¬†condiment before to view opinions both good and bad stating how sweet this item was, but also how good it is.¬† Having vanilla ice cream, I figured buying this would boost it’s self-esteem¬†of being wrongfully misunderstood as boring and too predictable to more fun..besides sprinkles make everything better,right?

WRONG! This new flavor is wonderful if you like the taste of a melted, dried¬† butter topping with pretty sprinkles. The bottle is a pleasant vanilla cream color which makes¬†the imagination soar¬†of conceptions of cupcakey¬†goodness, and your mouth may water a little. After it is shaken¬†for approximately 20 seconds and the foil seal is ripped¬†off, you get a whiff of the creamy frosting inspired scent that may hurt your teeth if sensitive to sugary foods (and I’m a sweet tooth by the way).¬† It goes on very liquidy¬†when poured on ice cream, but promises to freeze in seconds, creating a hard enough shell to be cracked¬†with a spoon.

Humph! Well, Mr. turtle, I must say that I slightly resent you for lying to me because the consistency matches that¬†of a melted Barbie¬†thigh. That’s right no crunchy shell here, just plastic. May also be a wee bit sweet for you if you are over the age of 6. So,why do I keep on giving this a try? Oh that’s right.¬† I hate throwing things away.

Pros: The Sprinkles. Don’t sprinkles add excitement¬†to anything? Not expensive ~$2.29 at Publix.¬†

Cons: Everything¬†else. This is a great¬†product to give to someone you don’t like very much. ūüôā¬†

Magic Shell Cupcake Yumfactor: 2 out of 5 tongues (and a taste bud if used in very small portions). 

*Photo collage made by me using original photos.