Panera’s Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich- Reviewing My Obsession+Copycat recipe

Close Up

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love and often crave Panera’s Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich. Here’s why. It’s light and refreshing, healthy, full of both sweet and savory flavors, and it’s rather exotic in nature. First, let’s analyze this sandwich from inside out. Sun dried tomato and basil bread, with a sweet undertone around the crusts, a tangy hummus spread on the bread adding a nice kick of flavor and complexity,cilantro,  fresh cucumbers, lettuce, spicy Peppadew  peppers, red onions, and tomatoes…and FETA cheese!!!!  The bread is soft and full of flavor itself.

Inside Shot

And no, I’m not a vegetarian,but this sandwich is good enough to make me order it faithfully at Panera for over 5 years. I have tried other items as well, but this Panera’s Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich with a cup of their epic Iced Green Tea is all I need to have a great day. Plus, it’s under 650 calories!! (or a few little numbers above 650, but not above 670)

Copycat Recipe link!!!! alla *Debbie Does Dinner*

Panera’s Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich Yumfactor- 5 tongues!!! I just only wish there were sun-dried tomatoes versus regular ones, but it’s still amazing! Cost- $6.30 including tax.

9 thoughts on “Panera’s Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich- Reviewing My Obsession+Copycat recipe

  1. I’m a Panera fanatic, I couldn’t love it more. However, I am always hesitant about not ordering meat. This sounds delicious though, especially since your not a vegetarian. I think I know what I’m getting for lunch tomorrow!

    • Hi Flem! Thank you reading and considering this sandwich! You know, I’ve had some people ask me what I was eating when I ordered this, and they said it sounded good, even though they get non veggie dishes. I hope you enjoy it. I think what makes it fun are the savory flavors of the hummus and the peppers with the delicate slight sweetness of the bread and the crust. Then you’ve got the feta cheese! Please let me know what you make of this sandwich if you ever try it. Have a great day/night.

  2. I’ve tried the Mediterranean Veggie only once many years ago. The flavor was okay, but it was very clunky to eat. The ingredients kept falling out of the sandwich and I ended up with a big mess. But I am going to give the it another try because I love Panera and it is about the only healthy sandwich on the menu. I really wish Panera would do something about the sky-high levels of fat, sodium and calories in their food.

  3. WOW! I just had this sandwich at a lunch catered by Panera & can not get over how awesome it was. As soon as I left the luncheon, I had to google it to try & find a recipe. Thanks for the link. Have to try my hand at making this myself!

  4. I’m currently transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle, so I ordered this for lunch this afternoon, and immediately researched it! It’s simply THAT good! I’m pretty sure I would continue to get this even if I had the choice between meat or veggies. I can’t wait to try this at home. Something tells me that I will start craving this dish, too!

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