Copy Cat Gourmet: McDonald’s McGriddle (with Recipe)

I just made a low budget, copy cat McGriddle (for recipe, see below).  If you have not heard about the Mc Griddle by now, it’s a breakfast sandwich offered at Mc Donald’s composed of eggs, cheese, sausage (or in my case, just egg and cheese) and last but not least, 2 sweet mushy maple kissed “pancuits” (a word I created combining the words pancake and biscuits). When the item first emerged, many people were skeptical to taste it because of the traditional belief that eggs and meat should not be sweet.  Well, to them I say who wrote the rules on how eggs, cheese and meat should be eaten?  The product is sweetned with maple crystals which compliment the high sodium  in the sausage that so nicely decorates the breakfast sandwich.

I just so happen to love the cute little buggers and often crave them,only coming to a slow halt when I learned that: 1.) I do not want to continuously pay close to or slightly over $3 each time I want this sweet yet greasy delight; 2) the item has a very high sodium content.  Fine for you if you want to walk head high into a habit that can later result in high blood pressure if not properly watched.  Either way, I won’t judge.

Maple Syrup Crystals

Today, I frequented food sites and  I had come across many useful recipes that encourage saving time, gas, energy and not to mention money by recreating these products in your own kitchen.  I finally came across the recipe. Basically, the copy cat McGriddle recipe called for: flour, eggs, sugar, butter, cheese and meat for optional choices, with a somewhat  complex ingredient “maple syrup crystals”. Nearly sounding like a magical incantation of some sort, the author noted that it was available in a particular store I never heard of, which further lead me to my impulsive improvisation of this recipe. Who wants to drive some place on an empty stomach to find something like this? Not that it isn’t worth it, but will I actually find them?

*Warning! The following contains unorthodox ways of creating the classic dish, French Toast in unique manners.  If offended by the idea of eggs NOT being used in the French Toast mixture, I advise you to leave. Viewer discretion is advised.  🙂

I had a violently growling tummy,1 egg, wheat bread, maple crystals, an egg ring (an egg ring: a tuna can without a top or bottom, which when eggs are complete, results in a neat and circular fluffy, pretty little egg), sugar, milk and an idea. I was determined to make this McGriddle! I remember getting the idea after I remembered seeing Aunt Jemima’s French Toast in a store and thinking about eggs, cheese and the possibility of a turkey based meat being nestled in between two maple flavored, sticky pieces of wheat bread.

So, first things first, I complied my ingredients (Note: I do NOT actively measure out every ingredient, so please prepare some of the ingredients according to your taste. I have tried to be as approximate as I can).

This serves 1 person:

  • 1/4 c. Soy milk  (You can use whatever milk you have available)
  • 2 slices of  Honey wheat bread (Not Texas Toast)
  • 1/2 tsp or 3/4 tsp Cinnamon sugar
  • 1/2 tsp  Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • Butter (To spread in the pan)
  • 1 Eggs
  • Shredded cheese Enough to cover the finished egg.
  • Pinch of  salt
  • 1/2 – 3/4 tsp. Pancake syrup <–Take that maple crystals! Ha!

1. Preheat oven/ conventional over to 375. The first thing I did was create the meatless French Toast. (Yes, I know, you cannot officially have the F.T. without the eggs, but the purpose was to create bread that was similarly made with similar ingredients to yield a sweet, mapley taste. Plus, I only had 1 egg left. You can indeed make French Toast if you’d like.) I combined the milk, sugar, cinnamon sugar, and vanilla, mixing them together with a fork. I put aside so I would not get my ingredients mixed up.

2. I turned on my stove  to medium heat, adding a small enough amount of butter to coat the pan, and as it melted, I took a slice of bread, carefully dipping it in the mixture, coating both sides evenly. (I actually let one slice of bread sit in the mixture a little too long, and it got too soggy. Don’t make the same mistake I did!)

3. I allowed each slice to brown, flipping it so it would not get stuck to the pan.  Sadly, one of my slices were bogged down in mixture, so it became  little hard to do due to excessive moisture and sog.  (I will add that if you have never made French Toast, please consult a recipe now, because having that knowledge will help in the creation of this dish.)

4. When they were both somewhat firm, but  not fully cooked, I decided to bake/toast the slices of maple, cinnamon, vanilly bread in my toaster oven, so the sponginess would become crunchy.  (This is not necessary if your slices are firm, but chances are since there are no eggs in the mixture they will be slightly soggy.) *Also, if you do not have a conventional over, you can bake these slices at 375-400 until they get brown for at least 6 minutes.

5. I cooked the egg, first cracking it, and adding the pinch of salt. I mixed it with a fork, added more butter to the pan, and added the egg. I did not want to scramble it, so I just emptied the bowl and decided to let the egg cook.

6. When the egg cooked half way, I folded it in half, flipping in on the other side. (I figured if I flipped the egg while it was cooked, it may be harder to fold the egg.) Be sure to keep an eye on your toast so it will not burn!

7.  When the eggs finished cooking, I added some shredded cheese on the top, letting it melt. (We only had that available)

8. Add the egg/cheese (and meat if it applies) and place it inside the bread. Enjoy.


  • Add turkey/ bacon or turkey/sausage to the sandwich.
  • Use Texas Toast bread for thicker slices.
  • Use an egg in the mixture to make French Toast slices.

Man! This was exceptionally good! My only drawback was that 1 slice was heavy, and still slightly soggy. I was too hungry to wait for it to firm so I took my chance and ate it.  The maple flavor really gave the sandwich the illusion of  the magic maple crystals, adding a nice amount of sweetness; the egg was aptly portioned and folded in between the bread and the cheese was the perfect accessory.  I added a piece of turkey sausage which made the mean taste more filling and added a nice complex taste compliment to the sweet bread.

I will say that this  is a deliciously healthy and comforting and low-budget method   not to mention, lower in sodium content because it’s prepared with less grease and fats.  While it does not taste 100% dead on to the McGriddle, it is very tasty in its own right and does mimic the original. Adding margarine versus butter also reduce the amount of fats in the sandwich.

You’ll get something like this.

Vegetarian French Toast McGriddle Yumfactor: 4 tongues out of 5 and a taste bud.

28 thoughts on “Copy Cat Gourmet: McDonald’s McGriddle (with Recipe)

  1. The first result in Google when I entered “Copy McGriddle” was this post. Absolutely excellent idea here, and one I’ll certainly try. The McGriddle is my fast-food weakness, and yes, that $3 price tag isn’t appealing at a place where food is about quantity and not quality.

    My suggestion, and one I’ll also try, is frozen pancakes. Small silver-dollar pancakes would be perfect, and I swear I saw ones that were basically griddle cakes minus the letter ‘M’.

    Thanks for the idea!

    • Hi! Thanks so much for your comment and reading this piece! I hope once you give this a try, it tastes pretty close to the original. I agree with the weakness. I’d crave this sandwich at odd times of the day, knowing I didn’t always want to spend the bucks to get it (and not to mention, the high sodium count in NOT attractive, haha). I’ll have to try the frozen pancakes. That actually sounds like a good substitute for the McGriddle/maple flavor content. If I make them, I’d love to add that as an alternate recipe. I will make sure to credit you for the idea. Thanks again,Skippy! 🙂

  2. So yea I’ve added maple syrup to my french toast batter before, great idea! Tip use real maple syrup not the fake aunt Jemima crap! Ps a real vegan doesn’t use animal products ( so no butter milk or eggs) that’s just plain ol french toast nothing vegan about it!!!

    • Hi thanks for reading as well as your comment! You have brought up a good point about the vegan element. I meant vegetarian, and did not consider that initially. Thanks for the correction, and I will fix that 🙂 Have a great day.

  3. So I have tried a few different ways of making these but there is always something lacking. I believe it truly is these magical crystals. I too was disappointed to see the place to find them was some obscure store. Not being satisfied with that I discovered that maple syrup crystals are relatively easy and fast to make. Basically you boil syrup until it starts to form crystal or just boils then you poor on a really cold surface such as a chilled plate or sheet of ice. The rapid temp change makes them crystalize.

    • Hi. Thanks for reading my post if you did. Oh, a fun comment! I usually delete comments that are rude or unrelated to the subject at hand, but I won’t this time. I’m sure than many readers here can find the $3 for breakfast, but this isn’t the point is it? (No, it isn’t). And I’m not sure how someone looks like they can’t afford a $3 sandwich. I choose not to judge people on such terms. The point is obviously to show readers how they can be creative and make the item themselves, just in case they want to alter it. Since this is a recipe blog as well as review blog, it’s not about $3. And I’m sure looks has nothing to do with saving or spending $3. You have a nice day, and why not give someone who looks like they need $3 the money as an act of kindness? It could make their day. Take care and thanks for the visit. 🙂

  4. …I had a thought as I was reading the instructions…and after seeing that you need a fork to eat it…I was thinking to spread a teaspoon or so of syrup on the slices before baking and then keeping it on the inside to eat out of hand…I know I’d definitely like to try this recipe…thanks for posting!

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by. I’m still finding a better recipe that I can rewrite. Those little maple crystals are tough to find! I have also tampered with using mini silver dollar pancakes as the bread and adding a maple syrup on them for flavor. Cheese and meat (whether eggs or not) can also be added for a perfect bite. Enjoy!

      • Butter and margarine have EXACTLY the same amount of fat, 100%. Margarine is only one molecule different than plastic. Butter is a natural fat and tastes better.

      • Hi hanks for your comment. The taste would be a matter of viewpoint. Is there a source for the comment about the exact amount of fat in both? I’m still not convinced. 🙂

  5. I googled butter vs margarine and it came up exactly same fat content. 81g, same calories 717, butter transfat 3.3g, margarine 15g.
    That aside, TY for posting this copycat. Think I’ll give it a go this weekend.

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  7. ok, i admit it, i too am a mcgriddle fan….i pinned this and came to see the recipe….gonna try it.
    however, going to cut it into four, didn’t say share though. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  8. Seems odd that someone would look up a recipe then make a negative comment on it. That said, I can afford $3 for a sandwich. However when my 8 grandkids come over on the weekends, it’s a whole different story. Thank you for the recipe, we will certainly be trying it out on the weekends.

    • Thanks for your comment. Sometimes recipes do disappoint, so some may end up making a negative review. I hope you find this recipe satisfying. Please feel free to come back and share your thoughts. 🙂

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